segunda-feira, 13 de outubro de 2008

Your flesh in my flesh

Your sweat in my skin

Your voice in my ear

Calling my name

Strong and vigorous

You know what I like,

Even when I’ve never told you

You reach perfection not once, but twice

Making my legs weak

Invading my dreams and

Invading my thoughts

You left my body asking for more

quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2008

I can feel your arms around me
Going up and down
Your hands touching my curves
Skin on skin
Your voice in my ear
Your lips playing as they go
From my mouth, through my neck
Trying to get into my cleavage
Making me crazy
I can hear u breathing
I can hardily move my chest
I say NO over and over again
Not just to you, but to myself
And again
Lips playing, hands touching, voices whispering
And hearts beating,
Yeah, I still can fell u
How something so wrong can feel so incredible good?
How can your lips make such an impression on mine?
When you pulled me in your direction
I could feel my heart beat feaster
I couldn’t think and all I wanted in that moment
was to put my lips close to yours and feel
that rush of emotions going through my body
In the begging was just a crush
but now it’s getting stronger,
Could I maybe falling in love?
Or am I enchanted by your eyes,
by your lips
by your smile
by you?
And there they where again
In their very secret and very public meting place
Holding hands, connected eyes, cups of coffee
That she paid, he paid, doesn’t really matter
Who watch doesn’t know why the synchrony is so perfect
Is chemistry
Pure simple chemistry
In a perfect mix with matching personalities,
A little bit of flirtation
And a, newborn, strange, and soon to be strong friendship
[22.8.08 1:28 AM
Holding her hand, he said he just wanna to enjoy her a little
She’s confuse but doesn’t matter, at a glimpse of his smile, she forgets everything
She forgets the coffee getting cold in the table
And even the problems that she had left at home
She just looked at his smile and tried really hard not to focus on his lips
And on how much she wanna to kiss then
She knows how impossible that was, and she knows that he knows
So they continue playing games
Smiles, hugs, words,
The right words at the proper moments
This great friendship with little touches of flirt
(Or big ones)
Nothing too risk, nothing too dangerous, nothing too wrong
Nothing that could risk the chemistry or other important things
So they continue being friends
As she continues trying not to look at his lips while he smiles.