quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

My tattoo

U can say that it was a coincidence...
I say it was fate...
In the week I got out of my parents´s house for the first time
I became obsessed with Celtics knots
I found the symbol for motherhood and freedom
And the only thing I could think about was marking that on my skin
Few days latter I decided to look for a tattoo shop
Didn’t like the first one
I told my brother what I wanted to do
He gave me an old, ripped business card from a tinny tattoo shop
I went there the same day
The owner was an American guy
Irish descendant
With countless Celtics knots on his body
One week latter I got out of the shop with a new mark, a new obsession and two new friends.

The "heart" means motherhood
Wings for freedom
they were made based on the knot for woman
In the wings u find the trifecta, the balance between mind body and spirit
I like to read it like a Phrase
A wish to God
To have freedom and balance to be the mother I can and want to be

And for those how said is wrong to have a tattoo, that our body is a temple to God I said
If we can decorate our churches with Flowers and paints, why can I decorate my body?

sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

New tricks

A/N : long and crappy!!!

You´re taunting me
You are learning what I like
Making things more interesting
Making everything just finally right
When you listen, sparkles fly
You know where to hit
Where to flick
Where to bite
Keep listening and all will be fine

You keep asking where I learnt my tricks
I know you are impressed and maybe a little freaked
But baby you can relax, ´cause don´t cheat

I learnt it all third handed and you can too
Between fandon, porn and books
I don´t need no guy to keep me hooked
To use everything I learnt
I want you as my guinea pig
Give you pleasure is my only high
Only you can make me fly