quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2008

Holding her hand, he said he just wanna to enjoy her a little
She’s confuse but doesn’t matter, at a glimpse of his smile, she forgets everything
She forgets the coffee getting cold in the table
And even the problems that she had left at home
She just looked at his smile and tried really hard not to focus on his lips
And on how much she wanna to kiss then
She knows how impossible that was, and she knows that he knows
So they continue playing games
Smiles, hugs, words,
The right words at the proper moments
This great friendship with little touches of flirt
(Or big ones)
Nothing too risk, nothing too dangerous, nothing too wrong
Nothing that could risk the chemistry or other important things
So they continue being friends
As she continues trying not to look at his lips while he smiles.

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